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Saucony introduces the Saucony Stride Lab

An innovative gait assessment system providing an in depth analysis of a runners unique stride characteristics. The high level of feedback provided to runners can improve running advice and footwear selection.

The Stride Analysis Method starts with a conversation to understand how running fits into your lifestyle, including questions about preferences and injury history. This is followed by a short run on the treadmill to collect 10 seconds of video footage from the three high-speed cameras placed to assess body position and running form. The cameras work in synchronisation to capture your stride from multiple views; from the back, the front and the side.

The three angle analysis allows for a thorough analysis of each runners unique stride and gives them a deeper understanding of their mobility, stability, control and form.

Each Stride Lab appointment lasts for 45 minutes and the Saucony Stride Lab will be on the road throughout 2016 and 2017.